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Ayumi Hamasaki Icon Challenge

Ayumi Hamasaki Icon Contest
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Welcome to the Ayumi Hamasaki icon challenge!

This is an open community, meaning anyone is welcome to join and post icons/vote/or just view the icons. No one is allowed to post but the mods, because really, there's no need for it.


001 All rules will be enforced with a one strike/warning policy. You will be warned once if you break a rule, and if you do not comply with the request to correct it, you will be banned. This is to keep order within the community and stop any petty arguments that may arise.

002 You may post one icon a week. This icon must adhere to Livejournal's icon requirements: 100x100 pixels or less and 40k or less.

003 Do not simply use other people's icons. Leave them a comment asking first. If they give you permission, please do not use it until the challenge is over.

004 A new picture will be posted every Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on our personal schedules). Icons can only be made using the picture/s/lyrics posted, depending on what sort of challenge I feel like making. You may use any text, effects, or animation you like. Icons can be entered until following Tuesday or Wednesday, at which time either Ash or I will post an entry with all the submissions and voting will start. Voting will usually last about two days, after which awards will be posted along with the new challenge.

You may not vote for yourself or for someone just because s/he is your friend. Be fair and vote for the icons you think think are the best. Every week there will be first, second, and third place, as well as a special category and/or mod's pick. I get to decide.

Post your icon in a comment to the challenge entry, making sure to include both the image and the URL {it makes it easier come voting time}. It should look like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v366/kittycrush/Icons/Ayuxample.png

It is not mandatory to credit for brushes if you don't remember who made me them or where you got them, but it's a nice respectful gesture and the brushmaker will probably appreciate it. :)

005 You do not need to be an Ayu fan to join this community and participate but no Ayu bashing whatsoever is allowed. I mean it; this is a community that respects and admires Ayumi-chan. This same respect must be shown towards your fellow participants. As the adage goes, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

006 Do not redistribute your icon anywhere until after the challenge is over. I thought this one was obvious, but I guess it isn't.

007 Have fun with this community! I know it sounds lame and slightly odd coming after all the rules, but I really want people to enjoy making and looking at all the icons made!

Much thanks to Spencer {hotlush} at grs_i_challenge for letting me steal most of his rules <3


This layout was made with codes from faceon, modified slightly by bananamilk, who made the header and icons. Textures are from Trex-tures. Not sure where the brushes are from, but I didn't make them. Please don't take stuff or you'll die :)


Please feel free to use any of these buttons to promote AyumIcontest, hopefully uploaded to your own server. If you make any of your own, feel free to email them to me at Spoonbaby(at)Gmail.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Mod/maintainer Dorothy, bananamilk

Co-mod Ash, kandykorn